Monday, 25 July 2011

To tweet or not to tweet?

The sad thing is that despite the stupidness (yes that is a word, I just made it one) of that statement, I am probably not the first person to use it.

But should I bother joining the Twitterati?

some talking bird or something
I looked at it once… I signed up, and was bemused by the whole scenario: I called Kirsty Allsop an ‘Oxymoron’ and haven’t tweeted since.

So I have an account and everything, but I’m just not sure, an internal rage fuelled dialogue haunts my every waking moment; should I tweet? Do I care? Do other people care?

Now that is the important thing; Do other people care?

After all none of us are what we think we are, we are only what others think we are!

Argue with that when you’re on your own….

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