Friday, 19 August 2011

Give me a ladder and I’ll give you the moon

I bet you thought you’d gotten rid of me didn’t you? I bet you thought that ultimately mild lethargy and a deep seated sense of ennui would get to me and prevent my genius being blogged around and about these pages!

Well I have never been so insulted in my life!
The truth is Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Rev/Prof or whatever your title is, I have been otherwise engaged with activities of such a thrilling nature that talking to the worldwide interweb nation online thingy has been pushed to the bottom of a list of rather pressing priorities and engagements.
I’ve been to a pub don’t you know and other some such places where people of a creative inclination talk about very intellectual things. Mostly they have been jabbering on about that there violence of the oppressed masses what can’t afford trainers from footlocker and have suppressed this rage until it can no longer be suppressed and it takes a tincy wincy ickle thing like the police allegedly shooting the head off a guy while he was face down on the ground (the police can pretty much do whatever the hell they like as long as they place the word ‘allegedly’ somewhere around about it for long enough and hope that everyone forgets what happened... allegedly) to kick everything off.
So in the spirit of spontaneity and unpredictability I have decided to write a little film about the whole reaction to the whole thing from the crazy right and the just as crazy left and smashing them together in a big smashy pot of opinionated excitement.
I’ll tell all you fascinated readers far more when I have the time and inclination.
Now go away.

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