Friday, 26 August 2011

I can't be expected to think of a title every time.

Well I have been utterly distracted, doing this doing that, thinking then not thinking. Why is it that I can think for hours and then take action without thinking? I’m sure there must be a short stage of panic between the thought and the action, which clears the brain of short-term memory or some such nonsense.

But what have you been busy with? I hear my avid fans screeching at their computer screens.

Well I have been planning and organising the little short film which here I mentioned some time ago.

This is not me
It is a little film in reaction to the recent riots (ooooh topical) about the left clashing with the right and the outcome of thoughtless reactionary action.

Much like my organisation skills. 

Well as it stands I have actors, a set, a camera and enthusiastic people to help – I am a little short on half a costume, I keep using google and then remembering that I can’t have anything delivered before Monday.

So I am going to have to face facts and admit that I am going to have to walk around town.

I call on any weather witches out there to hold of the rain between 4 and 6:30 tonight please just let me know what sacrifices I have to make.

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