Friday, 2 September 2011

Filming Progress

I have managed to complete one half of the filming for my short film! Woohoo!

Thank you to all those involved so far etc etc

This is what filming is.
Anyway that is really not the point, as you may have already gathered, I am not one of the ‘glass half full’ people. I’m not generally a cliché person either, but needs must.

So I still have half to film.

I am going to turn my living room into a teenage boys bedroom, I have to gather posters of superheroes and all that malark and then co-ordinate all the people. Four people are proving tricky to co-ordinate, what am I going to be facing when I have a feature to contend with?

On the plus side the pants arrived for what is to be the most hilarious moment you will ever witness! It’ll probably be cut tho…

Well I want to run in several different directions at once, but I am too tired to stand up for very long, so this whole ‘drive and determination’ thing is proving elusive.

I have a list as large as a badgers wrath of things I want to do and I keep having marvellous ideas, which naturally get added to said list.

To round off: I am simply too amazing to keep up with myself.