Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Amazing Story of The Thing That Happened

Well this isn’t actually it. The story I mean, this is just the annoying pre-amble.
The ideas I mentioned previously, which have been marinating in my brain like festering chicken bones, have now come to fruition. Well one has.

I finished a script (mainly due to a sudden wave of insomnia I can’t shake off) and then I finished two and they amalgamated into one.

‘The Amazing Story of The Thing That Happened’ is a series of episodes of short films, two to five minutes each which are going to be worked with the help of Film Colchester on their Sunday shoots. The first episode (all going well) will be filmed this Sunday and as a result you may be able to witness the carnage that ensues when I post the result online at an undetermined time in the future.

So my plan would be to get an episode filmed and see how that pans out, it would be lovely (I don’t often use that word) if an episode were filmed every month but I shall not get too over excited. Yet.

Yours, over excitedly,


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