Saturday, 26 November 2011

er... stuff

It’s getting dark and it’s not even 4pm. I don’t know quite what to do about that, or indeed if I should do anything. I think perhaps I should allow the seasons to take their own natural course. But at this time of year I start to think that perhaps I like the sunshine.

I am not afraid of these
Even if I am a nocturnal creature of semi-evil.

I is like well excited cos tomorrow I is filming. I have to say that I am completely reliant on the talent of others (I’m not quite Blanche Du’Bois but I’m getting close) to ensure that my imagined world comes to fruition.

I am still searching high and low for the star of the piece. A rock, but not just any rock, the perfect rock. I suppose I ought to get out and search for one, but that would mean going outside in the semi darkness.

I am not necessarily bothered by the dark it just doesn’t look particularity inviting.

So if you see a rock that is the exact rock that I am thinking of, then chuck that rock in my general direction.

Also I keep forgetting that I have cast myself in one of the roles and I have to learn my lines.

Right I’d better go and do things.

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