Monday, 28 November 2011

Have at you!

Well I was filming again yesterday and this time I didn’t spend the whole time standing in a bush with a stick, I didn’t even have a stick. Oh no! I’m going up in the world so I wore a high visibility waistcoat and interrupted proceedings every now and then.

I managed to palm off the directing malarkey to someone else. I suppose in the spirit of this arty farty stuff I should name drop at this point but I am not a fan of the name drop. So I have converted their name to Klingon: Ja'mesh son of the West and added a hyperlink to something or other so if you like the name drop you can look into it, if not I suggest you move swiftly onto the next paragraph.

We managed to film the very first ever episode of the wonderful story entitled ‘The Amazing Story of the Thing That Happened’. But if you know anything about anything (and I doubt that you do) then you know that the ‘after filming’ bit takes a long time, by which point I will have forgotten all about the project and shall be swiftly telling you of my latest idea but without you ever seeing the fruits of my labours and therefore you shall be left wondering if I actually ever do anything at all….

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