Monday, 21 November 2011

Why Must I Be Forced to Name things

Right well I have been relatively busy, which is why I can’t possibly spend my time composing wittering blogs and have been doing more important things.

My standing in a bush the other weekend has some to some kind of fruition. Apparently I did the ‘sound’ but to be honest I was just doing my best not to get dog crap on my boots.

I shan’t ask what you thought. Mainly because I don’t know who you are and therefore cannot fully trust your opinion, were you to supply it.

I have also been to see the fascinating John Smith, such an unassuming name but what’s in a name? Poor Dovahkiin may turn out to be a rather dull person with no interest in anything other than the history of the barcode. 

However seeing short films dubbed as ‘art’ did start to get my brain moving, ‘twas an odd sensation and has left me using the word ‘twas far more often than strictly necessary. I now have some ideas which have been marinating, not all of them are good ideas but I’m sure I will let you in on them in due course.

In the meantime I would like to say that I thoroughly agree with a movement to bring back Yule – which is a far more interesting and fun celebration than Christmas. I have been wishing people a merry midwinter for years but alas no one has noticed they just think I am wishing them an early Christmas greeting (I won’t patronise you by expounding on exactly what date I have been using this greeting) however one year I was thrilled to receive a text on Christmas morning simply wishing me a ‘Happy Tuesday’. However I was thoroughly disappointed when I did not receive this text the following Tuesday.

Right I’m done, I have nothing more to say to you.

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