Tuesday, 13 December 2011

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Well I have spent the last few days festering in my jiminy jams. Lovely. It meant that I did have a chance to catch up on some television. Woo hoo!

I watched Silent Running.

Ah, brilliant film. I was a little annoyed that he so easily let the other plant spheres go. I was also a little annoyed at the arrogance of the Americans to think that in the future they would be the only nation to want to preserve the forests, so that when the Americans decided to destroy the last American forests they would, by default, be destroying the last forests in existence.  Rubbish. There would be loads of other nations preserving forests - Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden just to name the most likely - in fact the only way that America would be the last nation to have a forest is if America was the last nation.

‘Twas lovely. I do like Charlie Brooker (shock) and so peering deeper into his mind was a delight and I can’t wait to watch the next one – which should be on demand. Yay the internet!

Lastly I watched a few episodes of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. It was so good I could eat it. I need to watch the other episodes but there is so little time.

who is this?
I like Alice Lowe (I liked the others, but I know what happened to them) and did a bit of rooting – I didn’t recognise her from Hot Fuzz, I shall have to watch it again to admire her performance.

But I did discover her websites, and I liked Jackal which has lots of short films. I didn’t have the eye capacity to watch them all but I suggest you watch some. Just a friggen suggestion, don’t get all hoity toity.

Some are strange. Some are funny. Some are strangely funny.

I feel that I may have to do my very own documentary following a pop star. It is time.

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