Thursday, 22 December 2011

Buried beneath a synthetic joyless replica world

At this very moment I am buried amongst tinsel, the feather boa type tinsel, the stuff that can be stapled to your desk while you’re not looking. I feel like I’ve been violated by giant synthetic slug and its left it’s silver plastic trail like the string of polymers that make up its synthetic DNA.

Are we all so soulless and without humanity that a shiny brightly coloured plastic blob of crap brings us joy?

Is that joy as artificial as the decorative objects it has been enhanced by?

Does it matter what the root of joy is? As long as there is laughter and light, does it matter that the light is emanating from a diode and not from the sun? Or that the laughter is brought about by a plastic man removing plastic trousers and displaying a plastic bottom?

Would it be classier if the bottom was real? Certainly not.

Will we all die if the light from our sun were to be covered and we were all given its essential vitamin D in pill form or through some electric sunlight replica? No we would not die.

but is it real?
Would we all melt if the music that we listened to was created not by the creativity of passionate and dedicated music lover but by the programming of a specialised computer system? Nah, we’d be fine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s fake. The feeling is real, why have a plastic decoration at all, just put it on your computer desktop, not the real solid desktop, what a waste!

Let’s all go the way of 15 million merits and just decorate our interweb space.

In fact if we gonna go to all that trouble, we might as well just plug ourselves into the computer and not look at real things at all, they can all be copied.

Why even look at things? We could just get someone to poke our brain a bit. Cut out the middle man and just prod our laughter button, or joy button or whatever other button needs to be pressed.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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