Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Edge of the Apocalypse is on the Horizon!

Is it me?
Well this is clearly the first stage of a Zombie apocalypse.

We all know that the calendar runs out next year (The Mayan Calendar of course) and this combined with a number of references in Revelations and a few Jesus nuts let loose with mathematical Formulae has  confirmed that 2012 is The End.

The final year.

The Apocalypse.

I won’t say Armageddon, because we’ve already had that.

My reasoning?

Well cos everyone is friggen ill, that’s why. That’s how it starts, a few people get ill, they die and then rise as a Zombie army.

The only thing that is making me doubt this assertion is that I am one of the ill ones. Looks like I’m going down in the first wave.

Which is funny as I always thought I would be one of the stalwart and unlikely survivors, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I was like the Queen Zombie and only my demise can signal the end of the Zombie reign.

Either that or it will turn out that I am immune and never get turned into a zombie, but instead hold the cure for the entire human race.

Now there’s a thought.

Either way you can clearly see that I am far too important to be zombie fodder.

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