Friday, 16 December 2011


Right well it’s getting awfully close isn’t it! People are getting all excited about it, it’s all over the radio. It seems to be on most people’s minds at the moment, there are even people selling illegal tickets to it.

I mean the Olympics of course, silly. What else could I possibly be referring to?

Are you excited? If you are excited then I really have to ask why?

From the moment I heard we had won them I was in despair. Admittedly we beat France, which is always satisfying, but chuffing Nora what are we doing?

We are going to humiliate our country with the opening ceremony, the only way we can possibly get through it is if the whole two hours is just Boris Johnson running around waving a flag. If we bring back that red bus with the reality show winner atop a pedestal I may have to be sick all over it. Sick with shame.

Then there is the actual Sporting events them selves. Suddenly we have hundreds of people queuing (in a sense queuing, there are no physical queues) for tickets for events they don’t even like. When has anyone ever willingly gone as a spectator, not as a relative or friend of a participant, to an Archery tournament? I think the last time would have been around 1714 and even then they only went for the port.

People are paying thousands of pounds (mostly to websites that don’t actually have any to sell anyway) for these tickets, some people even bid for hundreds of random tickets in the hope that they would get one or two. What for? So they could sit miles away from someone running at a stick.

Go to a friggin sports day, there’ll be more drama.

Although if you don’t have children participating in the event, you may get arrested.

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