Thursday, 22 December 2011

Just something else to eat my soul

Right well that’s it isn’t it?

Someone has done something and gotten some kind of recognition and semi award for it. Well dooby doo.

Of course I now have to do obligatory thing and do the whole “Oooh congratulations, I lick your feet person of greater worth and value!” licky licky

The fact that I have been overlooked, that my passion skill, wit, intelligence and talent has been spurned by those who deem themselves to be worthy of placing judgment on others, clearly has nothing to do with any of this at all.

So here we go, it is a votey thing. This means you have to go onto the video on the youtoob and clicky clicky the votey vote button. Can you manage that small sequence of events? You mindless baboon.

Well here is the video:

You have to click on the place it says youtube, that will then take you to youtube and then you follow the instructions.
Just remember of course that every time you vote for this video that you are eating away a tiny part of my soul. That you are beating my body with the spoon of hatred.

But I will have you know that no matter how much of my life-force you chip away, you will never destroy me! You cannot destroy me!

For I have strengthened my immortal soul by splitting it into a thousand pieces and spreading those across the globe. I have learnt from my foolish predecessor not to hide these in plain sight but to actually fricken hide them! Are they a single pebble on a beach being washed away by the ocean? Are they steel beams integrated into the mightiest building? Or indeed could I take part of my soul and place it into the body of another?

Could it be that I could ensure my existence lies trapped inside your body and that you cannot live without guaranteeing my own life?

Who knows? Who can say?

All I will say now is that the next time you see me, the next time we pass one another in one of those god awful places you insist on going, just ask yourself: 

Have I got something to put in you?  

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