Wednesday, 28 December 2011

That was the end

Urgh! Thank God it’s over!

I feel like I’ve had something removed, like an abscess, or a child.

I feel blessed relief, a strange sense of freedom and release as if the black cloud, that had been pressing ever closer, has finally dispersed. Although not before squeezing into my brain causing me fits, blackouts and searing pain.

But now it is over. It is gone.

However I urge caution, for it won’t be too long before the clouds start to gather on the horizon once again and we have just under a year to prepare ourselves.

even that won't keep him down
Oh and this time we shall be prepared!

We must remember these past few days, we must force the memories to remain engrained on our minds, however agonising it may be. We must not allow nostalgia to rose-tint the memories of the weekend, to cloud our judgement or numb the pain.

It has been hard being away from my little bloggity blog and I am convinced that you have missed my ever comforting words. Now stay strong with me over these coming months and together we will hold off the horror of that which must not be named.

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