Thursday, 29 December 2011

We have arrived here again.

It has come to that quiet point.

That lonely silent week between two great cacophonous medleys of chaos.

I am alone, I have been alone for some time. Searching for sounds on digital waves to remind myself that there are others out there on this lonely husk of a planet.

Even the facebook is slow and with little charm. Not that it ever has anything close to charm when it is busy.

my soul
I find myself on the strange and unearthly part of youtube, watching videos of things that no person should ever have to see and then deleting my viewing history in wretched, pitiful shame.

I hear the hum of distant traffic, a mechanical echo of the world outside, the world beyond my window, beyond the threshold of my solitary retreat.

I beg for peace and silence and solitude in order to think and write and reflect. Yet when this silent gift is handed to me, by the Gods of chance and fortitude, I reach out, pained by the noiseless empty space I occupy.

God I’m bored.

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