Monday, 19 December 2011

Why is everything just absurd?

Am I the only one who has problems with these things?

I mean really, everyone else in the world, especially small children, understand all these technology things, why am I stuck at the back of the class with a furrowed brow?

I am a genius goddammit! Why won’t my brain realise this and be useful to me?

I can just about cope with all the tweets and tubes and pokes and tags… it is the MPV’s and the FLR’s and the avatars (my understanding of the word avatar is clearly very different to the rest of the world) oh and then we get on to the html…

Now this is just absurd; all the colours have a little code like #00000F for example, so you input the secret code and out comes a completely different colour to the one you expected because you haven’t memorised the exact number of zero’s or whatever.

Why is there a code?

I’ll tell you why there is a code - it is so nerdy, crazy, uncommunicative people with no social skills can create an elite system which they understand and therefore feel superior to anyone who does have the ability to talk to others. It is the equivalent of elvish or klingon. It is not useful!

smarmy git
“Oh but it’s the programming language, you have to use the language for the computer otherwise it won’t work.” Blah blah blah… we created the friggen computers, we could make the damn things understand whatever the frick we want them to understand you fool!

There was no need to create this ‘code’ for all the different colours, for someone to sit there wasting their time lining up all the different colours of the spectrum and assigning them numbers based on their position in their little chart. Why? Because we all ready have a code word for black... its flippin’ BLACK you moron.

“oh oh oh… but we needed a universal language so all the people of the world could choose their background colour in harmony….”

Then pick a language that already exists rather than making one up that only friggen Rain Man could understand.

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