Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Don’t Look Now!

I will admit that I have been neglecting you my little creatures.

But like little cacti you can survive long periods of intellectual drought. Well done.

I’ve had good reason to be away from you, I have been busy like a little busy bee. I am still undecided as to how much I enjoy busyness. I despise it and yet cannot get by without it. Like mucus.

However I have not been stargazing. No matter how tempting they make it all sound with their enthusiasm and their regional accents and their iPad controlled telly box.

It is flippin’ freezin’ outside!

I don’t know what possesses them all to stand around in a field looking at the moon when there is a perfectly good interweb and a whole library full of books. All of which can be accessed at reasonable hours and without so much as a draft.
why would you bother?

Oh go on then, whine about how it’s ‘not the same’ to look at a photo when you could be ‘looking at the real thing’.

Well I hate to break it to you, but you ain’t looking at the real thing, you are looking at a reflected (or refracted, I know how these things work you know) image of a thing that is so far away that the image you are looking at now, is not what is happening now. So you may as well look at a photo. Or even better a CGI image. They are cool.

Yes I know, I know! I have moaned about ‘not having the real thing’ on here before. I am aware of this.
But looking through a telescope isn’t the real thing either. If you could get major tom to take me there on his rocket ship I might be interested. But I am not going to be tempted into a field at night by an over-enthusiastic  amateur with a tube.

Not again.

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