Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I have nothing to say to you. But listen anyway.

So we have reached the edge of January. We are far enough through for me to have been paid, however we are not far enough to be out of the woods just yet. So to speak. I’m not in the woods. I would like to be in the woods. I like the woods. Perhaps in a past life I was a badger. Not that I go in for past lives or anything but who knows?
Nothing to see here

But I digress, I don’t know what I’m digressing from, I have no particular point. No information I wish to impart.

Doesn’t stop me wittering on though does it?

Just because I have nothing to say and no skills or talent (this is an obvious lie in order to make a secret point that I am making secretly) doesn’t stop me thrusting myself in your face.

Thrusting in a purely literary way of course.

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