Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Right well we all made it.

Ooooohhh a new year, how exciting!

Numbers, that no one pays much attention to at any other time of year, have changed, leading to an unspoken group decision to have a party and shout a bit at midnight. Somehow we all feel that this will suddenly make our lives simultaneously improve.

Well good luck with that.

this bloke in this film
It’s  not like this whole 2012 thing is a ‘new’ year any way. 2012 has been talked about so often and in such great depth that I’m already bored with it. I feel like it’s half over; now 2013 that would be a ‘new’ year!

But 2012?

There’s been films, situation comedies, panels of committees of boards set up to discus it, and of course that flippin’ logo.

Even that bloke in that film was wearing a dirty old hoodie with 2012 on it. See, it was old news then.

Even the Mayans were so bored with the prospect of 2012 that they gave up writing calendars and vowed never to write another.

Well we’re all stuck with it now aren’t we? We can’t skip it the way Samoans skip Fridays.

So in the words of a joyously apathetic friend:

“Happy new year! Hope it’s alrite”

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