Thursday, 19 January 2012


I’m not normally one to comment on current affairs. Well I might be. Ok I am. But that isn’t the  point here, so stop distracting me.

Right so that Ship, you must know the one. Even my cave dwelling associates are aware of the ship..

OK, so now we all know what we are referring to, let’s got on with the controversial opinion shall we?

That bloke what ran the ship, the captain. Now I mean he really has been shown to be a slimy git, git of gits, king of gits.

I'd just call in sick tbh
Not only is he a git, he is also an idiot.

However I will say this on his behalf: If my workplace was sinking, even if I was the one what had sunk it, I would trip and fall into a lifeboat as well.

He’s just an employee, just a manager with a silly title (mind you, I want people to call me captain) and everyone seems to think that he should act like chivalrous naval officer.

Pish Posh.

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