Thursday, 23 February 2012


When a mathematics teacher, at a comprehensive school, tells you that; if they had your job they would slowly die inside, it gives you the feeling that something, somewhere has to give.

I have a feeling it might be my sanity.

I am considering almost anything; sadly the only jobs I am qualified for include either mud or webcams. 

The higher paying ones involve both.

Choosing the path of the creative genius isn’t all absinthe and poetry. It also involves a bit abject poverty. I don’t have two Rubles to rub together (that’s a little nod to my legion of Russian fans).

I have a plan to take over the world and the plan is so clever it might just work!

However I keep being consumed by an overwhelming desire to watch awful television and eat cake. This is somewhat hindering my plans.

So in the meantime, to prevent a complete loss of access to cake, I must remain at my desk. Allowing the drivel gushing forth from my colleague's brains to pour into my ears and fill my head with screaming nonsense while I repeatedly make split second decisions which affect the lives of people I will quickly forget exist.

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