Thursday, 16 February 2012

A significantly dull, but blissfully short, notice of continued progress on a project you care little about

I managed to, largely, ignore the blog yesterday, however today I feel compelled to comment.

this old bean again
I am generally in a state of mild hunger at the moment. Being able to consume only that which is gluten, wheat and dairy free means I have to gnaw on dusty cardboard or dead birds. This is not always as satisfying as it would seem and leaves me in a state of slothful melancholia.

I do have some marvellous news: My wonderful film had its opening night last night and was screened to a captive audience after which I received wonderful praise from the stunned spectators (largely due to the diazepam).

This means of course that ‘The AmazingStory of The Thing That Happened –Episode One: The Mild Peril’ can go on general release (youtube) after the final post production thingy-me-bob is finished.

If you would like to donate any time, money or resources to the making of this project then you are clearly far more barking than I give you credit for.

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