Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who’s afraid of a something thing in the thing...?

not this, you foo'
I had a request to do a blog on the ol’ zombie theme. I don’t usually do requests but this stalker is particularly persistent. I usually manage to shake off stalkers, sometimes they take a hell of a battering but eventually I break their resolve.

Anyway I’ve been wondering how long I will last...

I am of course referring to the zombie apocalypse that will be happening on 21st of December of this year because that’s what the daily mail says nutty Americans say the Mayan’s say. So it must be true.

I think I’ll enjoy the initial bang wallop of it all. You know what I mean, the without-consequence-killing spree.

And that moment when you see an old colleague running towards you and you shoot them in the face and the traumatised survivor next to you is all like:

‘but they weren’t a zombie!’

And you’re all like

‘Yeah, I know’

That would be fun.

I think I would get bored when it got to the relentless walking bit. Walking walking walking.

Where are the other survivors? Where can we stop and build our own utopia? Walking walking.

You know the bit; building the relationships with the other unlikely survivors, trusting people you never would have associated with before, building a bond of friendship that could only be forged in an apocalyptic crisis.

I could so not be bothered with that.

That’s when I’d be all like ‘sod it, maybe the zombies have got it right.’

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