Wednesday, 21 March 2012

break point

not this! Silly.
I was a little lacking in lustre yesterday.

My little bloggy blog didn’t have the same fighting spirit as it often displays.

But the truth is that being stuck in this hole of a basement office; with only one source of light that shines directly in my eyes, a constant gale blowing above my head from the air ‘conditioner’ (there is no conditioning going on here) as well the funny tasting water and rather rancid ‘coffee’ that I fear may have been brewed with Baldrick’s brand values in mind, has somewhat tarnished my soul.

Rather than shining brightly like the bronze tinted armour of a Celtic warrior, it has been smeared with what looks suspiciously like the insides of the hungry caterpillar (about the 7th page in).

I didn’t think that my spirit would be so easily broken, but apparently all it takes is a torch and some low grade beverages.

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