Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FREE! or not

Well I managed to escape the basement.

I went through the ceiling, squidging my shapely frame through all manner of obstacles, like a turd in a tube, until I became caught on a mesh of wires and had to hypnotise a rodent, through the power of whistling, in order to get it to gnaw through my trappings.

In no less than eight hours I was free from my basement office!

I then spent most of the last few days on the run. Hence the silence on my blog.

However I didn’t realise that they had fitted me with a tracking device – like one of them supermarket trolleys; I crossed a certain distance and my wheels stopped working.

I was dragged back into the basement this morning, had a bright light shone in my eyes and something smelly wafted under my nose, I was then strapped to a desk and forced to tappy tap on my compooter and listen to distant voices of doom.

Ah the joy of work!

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