Thursday, 8 March 2012

joyful joyful

Well I am in a delightful mood. No really I am.

Don’t look at me like that, with those accusational eyes of yours, I am being genuinely genuine about my current joyful state.

where's Uranus?
I can’t fully explain this happiness  (or as Will Smith would have me spell it: Happyness) it may have something to do with the direction of the sun or the position of the moon or the fact that Jupiter is in Uranus. I really have little clue about astrology.

Of course there are the usual reasons to be full of hate:

The perpetual, meaningless, vapid conversations of the primates lodged in my current surroundings persist, incessantly. The longer I am forced to share time and space with someone the more my hatred grows, until I reach the point that their heavy breathing and sloppy eating stir me into rage filled haze in which I am liable to gouge off their face with a teaspoon.

But still I am happy.

My mobile telecommunications device has refused to allow me to communicate with others. Like a stubborn malfunctioning child it sulks in my handbag and refuses to act upon simple instructions, it’s been hiding messages for days and has so far refused to ‘reboot’. I find the simple clam design so baffling that I cannot even work out how to find the sim card and when I try to perform the most basic of tasks it exuberantly announces ‘busy’. Like the cocky little git it is.

But still I am happy.  

I am currently tied to my workstation, being forced to repeat mundane and repetitive tasks which are far below the status of my mental capabilities, while being constantly berated for minor imperfections for which I have little time or brain capacity to care much about and having to justify my decisions to a depressed and apathetic audience while at the same time the list of tasks I must complete in order to explore the scope of my creative genius increases to the point...

Yeah I’m starting to feel a bit crap now. Thanks for that

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