Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Too much, too soon

Hundreds of things are all happening at once.

It is a torrent of events and requests and duties, deadlines and projects and stuff. Organising and planning and all that doing!

I sign myself up for all these different things in a flurry of over excitement, a euphoric haze of motivation, and then it gets to a half way point and I’m all like ‘where’s my sleepy time?’

I have also made a huge mistake.

That’s right! Me! I have made a mistake!

I freely admit that I have made hundreds of mistakes but this one is a biggy.

Right in the middle of a surge of work and duties and things and stuff, I’ve gone and cracked open a boxset.

men in kaftans were heroes once...
Oh what possessed me!?

What momentary madness connived to bring about this unhappy hour? What rush of insanity pushed my hand to place that dvd in the little dvd thingy?

I have a bunch of things to write, people to see, meetings to attend, projects to organise, llamas to train... but all I am thinking about is; what is Blake gonna do next?! What happened to Travis?! Is Jenna ever going to wear the same outfit twice?!

Oh how can I un-distract my so distracted self!? (this is rhetorical, don’t answer)

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