Thursday, 15 March 2012


I’m still in the basement.

It has been quite some time now. Must be more than 36 hours, but I’ve lost track of time.
There is only artificial light here.

There are opaque windows, but I cannot trust that it is daylight spilling through.

They do that. They mess with the light and screw up your circadian rhythm. It’s all part of the ‘treatment’. Part of the conditioning to make me one of ‘them’.

So far I have resisted; Dr Oetker’s message has been keeping me strong. But I don’t know how long I can hold out.

this ain't me, but it could be
I haven’t been drinking the water... the taste is strange to me and I can’t rule out the possibility that they have put something in it to make me more ‘compliant’. However the thirst will mean I can’t have much time left.

Soon I will reach the point where I have to make a choice: death or conformity.

I know that if I give in, if I conform, then they will probably kill me anyway. I see this clearly yet I don’t know how my opinion will change after many more hours trapped here. Weakening my resolve with every moment.

My only chance is that I find some sort of escape, some way out of here.

But what then?

Once I have escaped they will chase me down, hunt me forever, until I give in. I will be no more free out there than I am in here.

But at the moment it is my only hope.

I have noticed a loose panel in the ceiling, I’m hoping that I can take advantage of their lazy monitoring systems and crawl through.

There may be skellywegs and spiders and I may well get lost in the maze of tunnels and crawlspaces.

But with my last whisper of strength I must make a bid for freedom.

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