Tuesday, 3 April 2012



I went over the top some time last week. There was very little ceremony; I slipped out the door while the guards were complaining about the latest procedural changes.

I spent most of the night hiding in the river. I didn’t have to but it felt right.

The next day I tracked down the mandrake that had aided me in passing a message onto you, my dear and loyal friends. He was delighted I had made it through alive, he invited me in for tea with his wife, she was a bit shifty to be honest. I didn’t trust her from the start.

They put me onto this urban fox. Goes by the name Cicero.

He gave me a fake name. I don’t remember what it was, he wasn’t particularly articulate, might have been Grerr or Grooo or Graw... anyhoo he found me a room (I think it might be a boiler cupboard) with ‘free’ wifi and all the mod cons. I just have to ensure I remain hidden from the eyes of the other occupants.

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