Thursday, 5 April 2012

i Mac, You Fool

I know I shouldn’t involve myself in technology. I know I should just use very simple things for simple people who glaze over whenever things like firewire or html are mentioned.

But I was forced, like a bunny into a pie, to use… I can’t even bring myself to say the word. Give me a moment to breathe…

Ok… this is hard for me to admit it to, I hope you know this takes a lot of courage for me to say. I feel all dirty and ashamed about it, but I have to come clean and remember that it wasn’t my fault I was just a victim in all this.

So here goes.

I was forced to use a mac. I know I know! You can send me condolence messages if you wish. Messages of support and comfort would be greatly appreciated at this difficult time.

I do find it hard to speak about.

gits. I'll give 'em 'different'
For instance none of the programs have their own toolbar? You have to use the one at the top for all of them. All of them at the same time. All of the programs that are open. Don’t get muddled! Getting muddled is not allowed for the trendy, clever, twatty, ‘creative’, arsy, git faced mac user.

And don’t double click! Don’t try to use the right click! Oh and if you want to switch the fricken thing off, try looking behind the decorative apple. That’s right the decorative apple isn’t decorative at all but instead conceals the most important functions on the damned thing.

If I wanted a mystery I would have watched ‘Murder she Wrote’ (that really is a mystery).

Apparently apple products are supposed to be intuitive…  

Whose intuition was this based on!? Whose?! A goat with a brain disease?

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