Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lonely, oh so lonely!

I have been in hiding now for several days. Still in my boiler cupboard.

ain't I cute tho!?
As a result I have very little news to tell. A big van came passed the house. Someone dropped off some leaflets. And then I watched a fly, slowly crawl across the window.

I may be free from my gibbon infested pit, but sitting here, rammed in a cupboard, mulling over my plans for world domination, I realise I’ve actually started having dreams about seeing other people.

Not talking to anyone, just being in a room with them. The presence of others.

So I’ve scrawled a face on the wall of my boiler cupboard. He’s my friend. His name is 'Mr Tollesbury'. He’s told me things I never knew before and that is how I know he must be real.

And that is why I must do as he says…

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