Friday, 13 April 2012

Oh the calamities which befall me are great and many!

Patiently waiting here in my boiler cupboard for the moment when I could use the printer to printy printy the full scale plan of my mission to take over the world.

But alas! No paper!

I have been stealing anything I can get hold of; recipes, music sheets, discarded plans for world domination, but alas these have run out.
eurgh! squirty squirty

I had to send someone to fetch me paper.

But alas!

The ink has run dry!

Oh calamity of calamities!

But anyway have you noticed my trendy new look blog?

I read something about something and I thought I should add some ‘gadgets’ or ‘widgets’ or ‘digits’ or ‘fidgets’ or some such nonsense. There is one there that I have no idea about and the others, well I’m dubious, but apparently there are other ways to follow me…

I’m sure there are many ways to follow me, and I won’t have you arrested for all of them.

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