Friday, 20 April 2012

Oh yeah Friday innit yeah

Whoopie do and all that, but for some people the weekend (and how anything can be the end in the perpetual circle of time is beyond me) is busier than the week.

So all those mindless yobyobs who think it is all big and clever and trendy so say ‘TFI Friday’ (The ‘F’ stands for a naughty word, but it is cool to swear, at least that’s what monkeys think) are cutting out a large proportion of their audience, and anyone who is desperate to be liked by everyone won’t want to be doing that now will they?


“So why are you all uptight about the weekend?” You say with your big confused eyes while you’re halfway through lunch munching and thinking about how there is only a few more hours till the weekend, so you’re doing a silent woot woot to yourself. Or, more annoyingly, to others.

Well I have to work. No not that kind of paid employment wot other people seem to be so preoccupied with, no I shall be putting my plans together for my current plot to take over the world.

big hair won't hide it
If Adele ‘is you sayin’ I is fat?’ Laurie Blue Adkins can get onto the list of the 100 most influential people in the world, then that means there is hope for me. At least I can articulate my sentences.

Mind you she does have a knack for creating irritating brain worms.

Rumour has it... Rumour has it… Rumour has it… Rumour has it…

What rumour? What’s the rumour? Who’s saying what about me?

Rumour has it… Rumour has it… Rumour has it… Rumour has it…

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