Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Onward marching soldiers da da da da da….

I have been counting the hours of my freedom. But then I got bored of it and slept.

However I have now been free since 4pm last Thursday, so you can work it out if you like, I know you like that sort of mindless waste of time. You wouldn’t be reading this drivel if you didn’t.

Anyway. I got some news, very exciting. My plans for world domination are coming together…

Spurred on by a dream in which I met a marvellous marzipan magician, I am building up a loyal band of followers who will read my every word with giggles and delight and whatever else they do while they’re alone.

These mindless numnums will become my army of chaos (until I get that wing grafting process sorted and can get my flying badger army) and you too can become one of them! Yes you! My little rancid creatures of doom. Wouldn’t you like that?

The reason for this patronising and disturbing excitement is that I have been (legitimately) published under my own (legitimate) name and can now be found for sale (legitimately) on popular places where people buy these sorts of things.

Like here. Go on clicky clicky I know your curious!

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