Thursday, 31 May 2012

Aluminium Foil 18" (450mm x 75m) - industrial size for your kitchen or professional establishment

Yes that’s right! 18"!!

“What are you blathering on about you mad old bint?” I hear you ask with bemusement.

Well you see the thing is that I have to do reviews on things and stuff etc etc etc and that way my blog will become an internet sensation. But quite frankly I’m sick of reviewing stuff, I done like two now and my belly got all sore. 

'I have come for you'
So I had a butcher’s at some other people’s reviews and then just did a cut and paste jobby. Sorted.  

The aluminium foil is described by Inabootery as “the best foil I have ever used.” Why? Well, because “The dull side teases you with a resolute determination not to reflect light as playfully as the reverse; the shiny side sends dancing light around the kitchen like a mirrorball might illuminate the dancefloor of Heaven.” 

Itsmewizzard has tested the product and has found it to be, far superior than any other at creating shield hats to ward of aliens, as the “extra shininess of this top grade foil means that their probe rays are deflected back with stunning accuracy.”

Mrliamo, a truly creative individual, wrapped his belongings in the foil and was able to successfully convince those around him of his increased wealth which inevitably led to him obtaining a wife. 

However, more to my taste is Monkeycop who protected the soft furnishing from his humour related incontinence after convincing his wife she had slept for a hundred years by drawing crease lines on his face and wearing ‘old man clothes’. The tin foil on the furniture also helped to give a bit of a futuristic look to the home, try it out yourself or don’t. Who gives a crap?

However I end with a word of caution from Steve Maloney who reminds us not to rush so quickly into blind purchases “I misunderstood the description of the product as an 18" foil and was killed in a swordfight. Shame on you.”

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