Wednesday, 6 June 2012


HA HA! That is right my friends! 

this is a monkey

Today is the day I celebrate 100 posts! This is the hundredth by the way, just in case you were confused.

This is gonna be like well easy today tho as I don’t have to think or nuffin, I just do a bit of reminiscin’, like one of them clip shows they do on the telly box.

So it all started a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Actually I won’t mention the first few blog posts, cos they are really crap and boring, I probably didn’t get going until I started talking about how much I hate Ewoks and then it was like I’d ‘opened the floodgates’ as they say. The flood gates of HELL Mwuhahahah etc.  

I had to tell you how annoyed I was at my useless phone of hell and how irritated I was, and still am actually, with useless stupid people that do pointless things but people give ‘em loadsa money cos it chrateeey. Twonks. 

Then everything went a bit mad when I met a littol kitton what wanted to start a meaningful conversation with me. That was a bit strange, the only thing stranger than that was my encounter with Dr Oetker

This whole reminiscin’ thing is more technical than I thought, what with all the hyper linking stuff…. Tricky. 

However I couldn’t possibly leave my blog story thing without mentioning my guest blogger, the little monkey that stole everyone’s heart and then weed on it.  

Happy Wednesday an’ all that….

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