Friday, 8 June 2012

Something new!

Well kind of new, well not new at all if you already know about it but you might not know about me.

Yes that old bean, it’s socialising without having to read. It’s twitter for the illiterate (ha! As if half the people on twitter are even vaguely literate) it’s facebook, only without the book bit.

see this kind of crap all the time!
It’s all pictures of stuff, random crap, like looking at the detritus collected on the floor of a shambolic hoarder's garage.

I haven’t worked out what it is actually for yet. But you get to that point in the day when you loose the will to think, you want to click and flick and surf, and pinterest is the equivalent of waving something shiny at a baby.

I just use it for posting hilarious pictures and thought you might be interested in my collection of animals in a variety of unsuitable outfits.

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