Friday, 31 August 2012

The Ice Queen is back!

This morning, as I look out across the world from the window in my library, I see the sky is a beautiful bright blue, the sun is shining, a cacophony of birds is singing, and that bloke three doors down is still hammering away for no good fricken reason.

She'd 'av been happier in the arctic, bless her
But there is something different in the air today, I can smell it, I can feel it trickling into my blood, and dancing across my skin.

The cold has returned.

You may not yet believe me, but oh she is there! A skittish little thing, dancing on the wind, elusive, mystical, but she is there. She has returned to breathe life back into my weighted lungs, so compressed by the heavy, haze of heat, to return sight to my bleary eyes, so blinded by the summer sun. I can rise from my slumber, leave my cave and journey out into the world, safe in the knowledge that winter, my winter, my natural home, has returned for me. 

In the meantime tho yeah, if you like films, and you have about ten minutes then you can listen to this funny thing I helped a bit with: (click on the picture, I've worked out how to make it a link!)

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