Thursday, 20 September 2012

48 Hour Challenge

I have done it!

Well I have entered the 48 Hour Challenge and that is enough for me so far today. I am now going to be working on a film the whole weekend, from Saturday through to Monday. So I may not be back on here for a while – either that or I shall blog the whole way through: proclaiming my woes etc

“So what is this nonsense?”

I hear one of the uninitiated ask. Well, uninitiated, ‘tis a challenge (hence the title) to be completed within 48 hours (hence the title). This will be a film challenge, to create a film from concept to completion within those small hours and present it for competition.

I am not particularly competitive, as I do not need the approval of others in order to bolster my self worth, however I can see how this could be the next step towards world domination, so I shall tread carefully upon this path of doom and leave thee with one last fleeting phrase:


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