Monday, 10 September 2012

Expanding my blog

I fawt it would be a ten minute jobby but I’ve been at this for days now! I’ve shoved on a bit about writin’ and a bit about actin… but I cba to write the stuff about directin’ – I might do it tomorrow…

The plan is, to befuddle people with stuff – smear random experiences all over their faces so they fink I done summink. Like wot you do with a CV…

Don’t get me wrong – It’s all real (unlike a lot of stuff people shove on their CV) but I am hoping that people will just glance at it with out actually going in to depth and uncovering the fact that it is all just a gloss, a rather murky gloss covering a vast empty space. Like stretchy poly filler.

Plus it brings back memories… some good… most awful ….

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