Tuesday, 25 September 2012


If success is meeting a deadline, well then success has been achieved here!

I said I would do it, I wroted that I would do it, and then I went ahead and did it. Of course I say ‘I’ but we all know I had minions; but what ruler doesn’t?

So wot happened in the Colchester Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge wos rite: I did a schedule on me compooter and sent it to everyone and was all like; it’s gonna happen like this, people! And they all looked up at me with their big, little eyes while I shouted ‘silence!’ at them and made them all consume their own bodyweight in flapjacks.

So a success all round I think!

If you are curious about what can be produced in a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, then slap your peepers onto this linky link and have a looksie at:

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