Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tesco Tesco van! I want to drive a Tesco van!

None of that is true, but whenever I think of Tesco that song leaps into my head, like an overweight, pirouetting delivery man. I know not why.

Any hoo I am writing another blog! YAY! Aren’t you well excited!?

this is how exciting this story is
I’ve been meaning to make you aware of the exciting dénouement to my David and Goliath battle of blogger against superstore giant. Well my complaint.

It’s actually the dullest response I could have hoped for, they apologised and gave me a tenner ‘to spend how you please’ – well I should bally well hope so! I am not to be dictated to!

Well that is the end of that thrilling adventure. No Zombies, no drama, no penguins in the Vatican, no dragons in the corner shop, just plain old mundanity.

I’m ready to eat my own face I’m so bored!

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