Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Where’s them zombies of yours then?

I hear you ask fervently.

I try to reply coyly ‘What Zombies?’ But I know you’re having none of it. I know that once Zombies are promised then Zombies will be hunted whether there are Zombies or not.

There is a still an unbridled obsession with zombies in these here parts, but I do not complain. Often.

as you do
You see I intend to capitalise on your strange and unhealthy obsession, and you clearly remember that some time ago, maybe days, maybe weeks (time all melds together in this vacuum in which I abide) I mentioned my intention to create a Zombie based story in chapter form.

I gave you a little quotey quote from chapter 1, remember? Remember?

And here is a little quotey quote from chapter 2:

““I’m sure all of you have heard” Deborah began, checking the notes she had scrawled on a piece of paper moments before “about the current situation.”
Derek wasn’t sure if ‘current situation’ was a euphemism for the zombie apocalypse happening out in the street below or whether there was another unspeakable issue with the women’s toilets.”

Now, don’t ask for no more.

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