Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Four More Years!

Everyone is cheering and smiling and patting one another on the back – yay four more years etc etc

Now ordinarily I would be all like ‘wha?’ ‘who?’ ‘wha?’. But even though this is a load of foreigners that we shouldn’t care about on our ‘Great’ little island – we have to care, because the US think they are the world police and so whoever is in charge of the US is in charge of a crazy world police who will drag us into what ever crazy plan they have next.
Luckily for us Obama won. Yay, with a tiny little cheer.

Why a tiny little cheer?

Because I’m still crapping myself about Sarah Palin. Those Tea party women are the craziest crazies around (and I’m using ‘crazy’ because we are talking about Americans) and she is their perfect leader, what with her high school sweetheart husband and her dancing daughter and her family troubles and the fact that she hasn’t admitted to being a witch.

‘But why are you scared of a manic moose murderer?’

I think you just answered your own question… but I’ll dignify you with an answer.

Because in four years Obama won’t be able to run, Sarah Palin (or any of  the tea party lot) will – she wasn’t quite daft enough to run against a nobel peace prize winner, instead opting to not support a republican she'd previously beaten.

So we have four years of relative safety – but watch that spectre of darkness as she looms upon the horizon, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Now here's a lovely polite little song which is completely unrelated:


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