Thursday, 15 November 2012

Inexplicable Images

I am full of lethargy today. My lustre is distinctly lacking. So I thought I would share with you some photos wot I found.

Back in the days of black and white photos, when it was well expensive and that, to make a photo, people used to only have photos for a damn fine reason, there was none of this 'planking' back in them days, or people taking pictures of their mate asleep with a tash drawn on them, none of this larking about nonsense... Oh no. People would have real legitimate reasons and a clear need for a photograph... wouldn't they?

So what exactly is this lot?

You can almost hear the voice of the parent: "I want my boy to be smoking in his portrait, to show he is a man, make him look sullen, have him fold his arms, that sort of thing." However what is perhaps more disturbing is that someone, at somepoint said: "I think this would look better with a cock in it."

What is this? What is happening? The child is clearly terrified. Those people have strange gimp masks and twigs, they are probably about to bundle him into a van and yet someone said... "You know what, this is a frikken Kodak moment."  

"Darling, I'll just be in the garden dressed as a mosquito, riding in circles on my bicycle." Obvs.

Which one of these sick bitches thought this was a good photo? I mean they all seem pretty happy about it...

It's not so much the cat, the skeleton, the french horn, the mist, or the cards... its the ears. What the frik?

I almost admire this smart arse shit - "You said a suit!" git.


Young woman, old man, large vegtable... there is a joke here, I just don't want to spell it out.

"What I'm looking for is a picture of a really tall man, preferably in a top hat, with a child sticking their face out of his arse. Have you got any like that?"

Right, well that is quite enough of that silliness. I stole these pictures from here so if you have more time to waste you can sod off there, rather than bothering me all the time.

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