Tuesday, 4 December 2012


That is a sort of noise of surprise and frustration.

The reason I am releasing such a noise at regular intervals is because everything (and I mean everything you can possibly think of in that fuzzy little mind of yours) is happening at once.

This thing, that thing, this responsibility, that duty.

Children’s birthdays (eurgh) which involves carving some sort of gift from what ever the heck I can find in the bin.
bursty bursty

The ‘festive’ season; which involves things like tree decoration (bloody Germans), and going to Christmas markets.

Then I have been asked to go to the woods with a couple of lads and a video camera; who could pass up that opportunity?

Not to mention poetry meetings, script readings, and something on Thursday. Who plans things for a Thursday?

All in all I am stretched to capacity, like a balloon, a big stretchy balloon filled with pus and venom, which is being stretched and stretched and stretched until it will eventually burst forth splattering its reeking contents across walls and startled spectators.

Enjoy your lunch.

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