Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Play’s the thing…

this is you
Do you know that quote? Well bully for you.

It isn’t relevant to this post, so that little piece of useless information you have filed away in your filth ridden mind will not be in use today, you will have to wait for another time, perhaps an overheard conversation, where you can but in and say ‘actually…’ and then produce your fetid little fact, like a regurgitated rodent corpse from the gagging throat of a gluttonous owl. 

For now, I mention a play only due to my sudden (not really sudden) and unexpected (well, known about long in advance) commitment to the production of a play!


It has been a long time since I have trodden, treaded, walked upon the boards, or the green or whatever those people refer to it as and I shall be hanging around in dark corners to ‘observe’, watching rehearsals and laughing with much merriment at performances.

It shall be joyous and wonderful and all the time I shall be taking notes and plotting my own dark and sinister plan… probably.

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