Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fuzzy Fuzz Fuzz


I feel like I have woken up with all cotton wool and dust in my mouth. I’m like a dried out husk with all my intestines in little pots scattered around the floor. My head is being squeezed by invisible crampons, and my neck can only rotate through 45 degrees or thereabouts, I’m no good with angles, but I know my head should be able to move about more than it is
this happened at one point

‘What’s wrong?’ I hear you ask, with very little interest. 

I am recovering from the last few weeks of family orientated gatherings; I spent the best part of it either attempting to sleep or reading food labels. Thrilling. 

Now I am back at this self induced ‘work’ and I have forgotten what on earth I am supposed to do.

Was there something I did?

Were there tasks I used to complete?

Did I have a purpose?

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on…

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