Monday, 7 January 2013

Hateful hatred of hate.

That was it?

That was the weekend?

That was NEVER a full weekend!? That was about half a day, at most. Flippen fricken rip off by all accounts.

I will destroy you all
It was only about six hours long, and do you know what I flippen well did? I did flippen nuthin that’s what.

I spent the entire six hours putting off stuff that I was meant to be doing and not doing other things that were useful cos I was too busy doing the thing that I was meant to be doing only I wasn't doing the thing, I was avoiding doing it.

So I withered away in a guilt ridden pool of procrastination and filth. Not relaxing, not achieving, not a jot of anything. My body and brain are still seized up from the lack of activity and they need activity in order to get back to activity however no activity is forthcoming and so I languish within a fetid hole of inactivity.

I blame you for this.

It is your petulant insistence that everyone stops everything for two weeks to gather together and piss each other off, while gorging themselves on whatever they can lay their hands on just to avoid the misery of looking at each other’s faces. Now look what has happened.

Are you happy now?


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