Monday, 28 January 2013

I got a clapper!

Now ordinarily you may think: “That’s nothing to shout about!” but that is only because you are being sick and wrong and you need to stop it.

I am, of course, talking about a clapper board what was given to me as a very special and personal gift from Marcel Glover – what he had made with his own fair hand purely to give to me [this may be an exaggeration of the actual circumstances].

It was the best thing that happened all weekend!

Oh yeah and there was a little bit of filming dun an’ all.

It was one of them film shoot Sunday malarks which I have gone on about occasionally, and being a blogger and partaking of local activities and culture and so on, I am obliged to impart my knowledge of said event in the hope of increasing its popularity – its something about optimisation or internet marketing or some such modern nonsense.

Any hoo, I got in a bunch of people and I made them do things like point at each other and shout their name (I learned that from Paul Davies) and then go round talking to each other – it seemed to make them happy for a bit.

Then I ordered people to film them – this is when it got confoosing.

I’m alright with the whole filmmaking thing, right up to the point when it gets to making a film -  this is when all the sticky glue comes unstuck and runs down my leg into a little puddly pool of incompetence.

So I am now preparing myself for the inevitable news that the footage is useless and we shall have to start again.

But still… it’s a day out.

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